Our Mission
Support people in connecting with organizations and services that respect and promote a secular worldview.

This national directory is the brainchild of a couple who are both long-standing secularists. Over the years, we’ve encountered ignorance, misunderstanding, and even prejudice in seeking out services that support our values. We’ve often wished that there was a resource to identify businesses that operate on a basis of critical thinking and rationality. For years we’ve joked that it seems just about every affinity group out there has its own directory, except us.

Until one day we had the thought, “Why don’t we just build one ourselves?” So we did. Welcome!

Now, there are a lot of settings where a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) don’t really come into play. For instance, whether or not our grocer or the gas station on the corner operates along secular lines doesn’t really matter to us.

But for more personal services where we’re most vulnerable — medical care, legal advice, mental health counseling, and so on — we want to feel secure that we don’t have to deal with proselytizing or judgment on top of the needs we’re trying to meet.

We hope you find value in what we’re creating, and welcome any support or assistance you feel moved to offer.

This is a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions via our contact form. If you want to help us improve this resource, see our How to help page.

A note about our cheerful pansy logo . . .

We’ve adopted this flower as our logo. The pansy has traditionally served as a symbol of freethought and for groups of free thinkers since the late 1800s. It was originally selected for 2 reasons:

  1. The name, pansy, is derived from the French word pensée, which means ‘thought’.
  2. The flower resembles a human face, and in late summer it nods forward on its stem as if deep in thought.