Listings are free

We don’t plan to charge for listings, ever. This site operates on donations.

Who can have a listing?

To qualify, you must affirm that you are friendly to secular values, beliefs, and approaches to life, no matter what your own religious/spiritual beliefs are.

We provide a venue where those who subscribe to a rational and critical thinking philosophy have safe and non-discriminatory access to services where this aspect of life may come into play, particularly when in vulnerable or sensitive circumstances.

First step: Create an account

To create a listing, you must first register for an account. The email address you provide when you do this will not be displayed, and is used only to communicate with you about your account (for instance, if you request a password reset).

Second: Enter your listing(s)

Once you have an account, you can create one or more listings. Multiple listings are suitable if you have multiple locations, or multiple service providers who should be listed separately, but managed centrally with one account.

All listings must be approved before being visible to the public. The business category for a listing must be an accurate representation of the services being offered. We only accept listings for businesses based in the USA.

What to include in a listing

This directory includes listings of various types of businesses, so the fields on the listing form are general enough to be flexible for different kinds of companies. There’s a free-text field where you can enter a description of your services. Include search keywords as well as special information that customers will want to know. All fields in your listing are searchable by visitors, except the email address.

We suggest you look at a few other listings in your category to see what information others have included.

Your listing can include whatever contact information you choose to share. We require at least an email address, which need not be the same as the email associated with your account. This address will not be displayed, but is used to send you customer inquiries via a contact form on this site.

There is no form for you to respond to inquiries — you must respond directly.


In some locales, being known as a provider of secular services may be personally or professionally disadvantageous. Should this be a concern for you, you may use an alias name in your listing, a non-specific address, and omit your phone number. If you’re in an area where you might be the only provider of a particular service in a given zip code, it’s okay to use an adjacent zip code instead. You’ll also probably want a separate, non-identifying email to communicate with prospective customers.


You may update or delete your listing at any time. Your account and any listings need to have a current email to remain active on this site. Once or twice a year, we’ll email you a reminder to review your listing, because up-to-date listings provide better options to directory searchers. If your listing is not updated within 30 days of notification, we may remove it.

It’s that simple!

Sound good? Create a listing.